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Using state-of the-art production methods EYG Food Machinery manufactures innovative superior-quality products that add value to customers’ end products and have achieved a high level of customer loyalty. With effective support we help customers incorporate EYG Food Machinery products in their production. EYG Food Machinery was founded by Erhan Gurpinar has over 30 years experience in food machine. The production program of our company; sesame processing, tahini, halva, Turkish delight, chocolate, pishmaniye machines and their turnkey plants. Innovation, customer focus, constantly growing and following technological developments is our fundamental views. We see it as our responsibility to produce machines that do not harm the frugal nature. The important criteria that give EYG Food Machinery its competitive edge are process technology, safety and the self-improvement and dedication of our workers, who work towards the corporate vision and principles supported by a positive work environment.

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