• Ünal Kuruyemiş

About the Company

Since it was founded (1956), being a wholesaler only for many years, Dried Fruit Seller (Kuruyemişçi” ÜNAL has started resale in 1991 when he reached the operational productivity he aimed. In order to offer more Professional service to the firms he used to serve as supplier, the body has decided to maintain its 40-years wholesaling experince under the same roof of SAMER, maintains also its retail activities with “Kuruyemişçi ÜNAL” name and does not work in franchising system. Starting in 2004, in this process, the body has gained a quick development accelaration and its retail sales network which is called as “Kuruyemişçi ÜNAL” reached 47 branches. In 2005, it developed an automation sollution that will provide points of sales to work more productive and blazed a trail in the industry. Today, using a special automation system that provides a multimedia control, the body works on a computer network that all electronic scales in all branches are connected. Being based on managing all branches from a center, this system didn’t not only create the brand’s institutional principles and also brought service standart together. Serving on 47 points of sales from all quarters of Ankara, “Kuruyemişçi ÜNAL”, offers product and service standard with the same taste and the same freshness and applies a successfull stock management policy with its automation based technical infrastructure. Having 14000 m2 production plant, 6000 m2 logistic distrubition center and points of sales, “Kuruyemişçi üNAL” manufactures its products in its factory in Ankara-Sincan- Organized Industrial Site. Manufacturing with Food Security Management System ISO Guarantee, the body is the first Ankara firm that is awarded ISO 22000:2005 Food Security Management System certificate as it works in accordance with HACCP International Food Security System Principles by the way of European hygiene, health and quality standarts in its production plant that is equipped with latest technology. Maintaining its works with a young and dynamic team, “Kuruyemişçi ÜNAL” is one of the leading companies in the industry and continues to enhance the quality of the industry by making leading implementations with equipped R-D infrastructure.

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