• Damla Bakliyat

About the Company

Starting production in 1983, Damla Bakliyat is one of the leading legume companies of Turkey which has a plant that consists of 20.000 squaremeter outdoor and 5.000 squaremeter indoor area and has 60.000 tons production capacity yearly. From the day it was founded until today, it has offered its products to customers in line with customer satisfaction by protecting its attribute, but also adopting changing and developing technology. In all stages of production, It made a point of quality more than everything and it proved this with its TSE, ISO 9001, ISO 22000 certificates, by using state-of-the-art technology and offering its products in reliable and hygienic conditions. Existing in lots of local and nationwide shopping centers and reaching the consumer Damla Nakliyat, also make Private Label productions such as Çam, Fiskomar and Saban in addition to its own brand. In addition to its existence in Turkey, taking place in international market with exports to European and African countries Damla Bakliyat continues to do its duty for its country to develop.