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  • Abdurrahman Tatlıcı

About the Company

Son of Calligrapher Abdülkadir Efendi, Abdurrahman who was born in 1910 in Isparta Şarkikaraağaç, lost his father at a young age, then went into profession as apprentice in a halva shop. After he worked for five years, he operationalized his first manufacturing shop in 1926 in Konya-Beyşehir. By the way he offered some vessel halva that he productes daily to his customers. Day by day, with naturality and quality of products Abdurrahman efendi was started to be called “Tatlıcı” title and took Tatlıcı surname. In time, Abdurrahaman Tatlıcı brand which would countinue for half century emerged. In this time, Republic was declared and Ankara became the capital. Ankara started to become of interest for trade. Decided to develop in the Capital, Abdurrahman Tatlıcı started to look for a suitable place in 1944. He bought a water-flourmill in Ankara-Mamak and then decided to adapt this mill for halva and tehina production in 1945. After for hard and long working, Abdurrahman Tatlıcı set up the modernest facility that was 500-squaremeter for that time in September of 1946 in Ankara. At first, he sold his products to defined regions. In 1948, Factory in Mamak became insufficient. Abdurrahman Tatlıcı sold a three-floored building and its additional unit as sales shop in March 1949 in Samanpazarı that was center of trade for that time. Expanding its product range in these days, Abdurrahman Tatlıcı started to produce jam, Turkish Delight and pekmez. By the way, son of Abdurrahman Tatlıcı’s young son Kadir Tatlıcı, second generation, got involved fort he job. Kadir Tatlıcı worked together with his father and founder of the company Abdurrahman Tatlıcı until he died in 6 August 1988. Second generation Kadir Tatlıcı continued successfully what he had to do for this job. He attempted to build a 2400-squaremeter modern facility on 10000 squaremeter area in 2001 in Sincan Organized Industrial Site. The next one was Abdurrahman Tatlıcı,third generation. He continues his way with “People deserve the quality for everthing” philosophy. With the responsibility of his name and to protect it, he makes production with a Professional team for quality and in a clean, hygienic facility for health. Indigenising work ethic is more important than everything, third generation Abdurrahman Tatlıcı thiks that everybody deserves his products quality such as halva, tehina, Turkish delight, pekmez, jam, chocolate and confectionery. Served in the capital with a factory, a shop and 25 employees in these days, Abdurrahman Tatlıcı also offers his products with aisles in 550 different points. Also made himself known throughout the world through web site, Abdurrahman Tatlıcı continues change and development; Maintains investments with his distinguished customer portfolio, 75 employees in the facility that reached 5200m2 in 2017 upon aimedn and developing demands. Taking firm and reliable steps forward for being a world brand, Abdurrahman Tatlıcı will continue his way until the day when he will pass the torch to forth generation which he took as third generation. To many happy centuries with “ Eating dessert, talking pretty” wishes…

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